Here are 8 Tips to Prepare Your A/C for the Hurricane Season

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We are halfway through Hurricane season, the threat is far from over. If fortunately no storm or hurricane has past over your area, then good for you. Now is the time to prepare and protect your A/C for any unexpected storm that may pass-by or hit your region. Here are some tips to prepare your air conditioning unit for any storm or hurricane:

Tip No.1: Advance Maintenance Check-up.

A storm may hit your area, get your A/C unit a maintenance check, not just to prevent unforeseen breakdowns but also to keep it in optimum working condition. A professional A/C technicians can also give you advice on how to prepare your unit before any disaster strikes.

Tip No.2: Prepare for Power Outage.

Hurricanes comes with lightning and cause a power surge. An outage can damage your A/C unit. To protect your home equipment and devices you can install a whole-house surge protector. However, during a hurricane, it is safe to turn off your HVAC circuit breakers to prevent damage from occurring.

Tip No.3: Clear your Yard.

Go around your property and make sure nothing could blow around during the storm and damage your outdoor unit. Clear all items such as lawn furniture, bikes, propane tanks, and any material inside or under shelters.

Tip No.4: Protect your Unit.

Secure your unit by covering it with hurricane straps, tarp, or cage. Strong heavy winds can carry flying objects and possibly may hit and damage you’re A/C unit.

Protect AC from Hurricane

Tip No.5: Move up your A/C.

If you are living in a flood-prone area securely elevate your air conditioning unit. Although rainfall won’t damage you’re A/C but severe flooding can submerge your unit and can permanently damage. Give yourself peace of mind by moving it up.

Tip No.6: Secure your air conditioning unit.

If lifting your air conditioning unit is not an option, you can have it securely anchored to the ground. It can become a dangerous projectile and could endanger your home. Another option is to bring it inside your home or in some type of shed.

Tip No.7: Call in the professionals if you have A/C problems or in need of repairs.

If unfortunately your unit was flooded during a storm, it important to let it dry completely. You should contact an air conditioning expert to check for damages or repairs.

If unfortunately your unit was flooded during a storm, it important to let it dry completely. You should contact an air conditioning expert to check for damages or repairs.

Tip No.8: Review your insurance policies.

Familiarize yourself by reviewing your flood insurance before the storm hits your area. It pays to know what these forces of nature can do to your property including you’re A/C unit, be prepared and have your property covered.

Steps to Protect Your Home from a Hurricane.

Besides protecting your air conditioning unit, here are some extra steps you can take to help protect your home before the storm arrives.

Shield your garage door.

Strong winds can break your garage door and once broken it can get inside your house and rip off your roof leaving everything exposed.

Trim your surrounding areas.

Clean your surrounding property by cutting off overhanging trees and other shrubs before the storm arrives

Garage Doors

Protect your car from flood damage.

If you still have time before the storm arrives, move your car to higher ground. Park it in a secure area where no floods can possibly reach.

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