Here are 4 Tips to Prepare Your A/C for the Hurricane Season

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Preparedness is vital in damage prevention. Hurricane season has come to Florida, and it is imperative that you take proactive steps to prepare your air-conditioning system for any disaster that may strike.

Read these tips that we have compiled below.

  • Maintenance check. Routine maintenance does not only prevent damages to your A/C, but would also help prevent unforeseen breakdowns and keep it in optimum working condition before a disaster hits. Contact a professional A/C technician to perform the job, as well as to give additional advice for your preparation.
  • Yard inspection. Heavy winds can carry loose objects, which may smash onto your outdoor unit and cause damages. Clear your yard of any items which may get carried off during a hurricane. It would also help to trim your trees to prevent them from breaking during the storm.
  • Power. Lightning strikes are common during a hurricane. These can enter your home and cause a power surge, which isn’t very favorable for your electrical and electronic systems, like your A/C. You can install a whole-house surge protector to prevent this from occurring. During a hurricane, be sure to turn off your HVAC circuit breakers to prevent damage to your equipment; only turn them back on after the storm has passed. Do not restore power to your A/C if it has been affected by flooding; have a professional inspect it first.
  • External components. Cover your A/C with protective equipment such as a cage, tarp, or hurricane straps. This is to prevent loose objects from going airborne during a storm from hitting and damaging it. If your area is prone to flooding, it would be best to elevate your A/C to prevent water from getting into it and damaging its internal components.

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