What are the Benefits of AC Maintenance?

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Most homeowners do not pay much consideration to their home’s air conditioning unless there is a problem. You are then left in a hot and humid home, awaiting the arrival of AC/HVAC repair specialists to restore its functionality.

Regular AC maintenance is absolutely cost-effective. Without adequate maintenance, the system may malfunction or possibly cause more harm. It will increase your system’s workload, resulting in greater energy expenditures. Now is the time to schedule an AC maintenance check if you’ve been putting it off. Unlike changing the oil in your vehicle, AC maintenance is neither optional nor extra. Your air conditioner requires skilled care and maintenance.

In this article, we will discuss what you should know about AC maintenance and the benefits of scheduling your annual maintenance.

Benefits of Annual Maintenance

Improved Air Quality

A professional with appropriate skills and experience and familiarity with your AC system eliminates dust and debris particles from the HVAC system. If this dust builds up, it might enter the duct system and spread throughout the house. If left unchecked, this scenario may need duct cleaning as well as further costs.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Inspecting and cleaning the unit’s blades, cooling coils, and other key components is part of the maintenance procedure. When compared to coils that doesn’t undergo at least yearly maintenance, coils that are kept clean are able to produce lower temperatures with better energy savings. As temps increase, reduce your expenses and keep cooler.

Ensure Excellent Comfort

During the preventive maintenance visit, a skilled technicians evaluate all of the air conditioner’s critical components. They can identify any irregularities or problems that could be cause for worry. With a well functioning system, you will enjoy continuous comfort throughout your house.

Reduced Expensive Service Calls and Repairs

Regular maintenance of HVAC, air conditioners, heat pumps, and similar units may seem to be a little inconvenient, but it is in fact a service that is well worth scheduling. Similar to a visit to the doctor or dentist, the maintenance inspection enables HVAC specialists to ensure that your unit is in the best possible condition. Any broken or worn parts may be changed before their continued damaged to other components or impedes the unit’s performance. A little bit of preventive today will save money in the future.

Extends the System's Lifespan

Preventative maintenance enables your HVAC/AC system to maintain peak performance throughout its life span. This is particularly true in regions like Florida, where households have hot, humid summers. Regular maintenance keeps one of the major assets in your house operating efficiently and economically.

Protects Your Home

Regular air conditioning maintenance eliminates doubt that there are faulty wiring and damaged parts that could lead to fire and other accidents or hazards which could endanger you and your home or property, and businesses.

Why Choose Caloosa Cooling?

Todd Connelly
Todd Connelly
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Amaurys Marquez is my technician. He proved to be very professional, knowledgeable and courteous. He was willing to educate me about all of the components he had serviced.

The company has great communication and there were very accommodating in scheduling my appointment.

I feel confident that I'm getting the best service from honest people. I'm glad they are handling the maintenance of my A/C system

What’s Done During AC Maintenance?

Every HVAC company has their own unique maintenance procedure. Not all AC tune-ups are the same; if you’re comparing businesses, you should inquire about the specifics of the service. While having a specialist inspect your system is undoubtedly preferable than doing nothing.

Here at Caloosa Cooling, our Comprehensive Maintenance Service is one of the best in the business. Every Maintenance Service Includes a 31-point inspection:

  1. Check the Filter & Recommend Solutions as Needed
  2. Replace Batteries Where Applicable
  3. Verify Voltage at Air Handler
  4. Verify Amperage Draw at Heater
  5. Check Voltage at the Blower Motor
  6. Check Amperage at the Blower Motor
  7. Verify that an appropriately sized Breaker is Matched to the Heater
  8. Measure Return Air Temperature
  9. Measure Supply Air Temperature
  10. Clear the Drain Line
  11. Surface Clean the Evaporator Coil
  12. Examine and Tighten Low Voltage Electrical Connections
  13. Examine and Tighten High Voltage Electrical Connections
  14. Measure static pressure on the air handler
  15. Inspect Blower Wheel
  16. Spray drain treatment
  17. Check Disconnect at Air Handler
  1. Examine & Tighten Electrical Connections at the Disconnect
  2. Calibration
  3. Record Maintenance Details on PM Sticker
  4. Collect Air Handler Data
  5. Label Unit if it is Currently Unlabeled
  6. Surface Clean the Condensing Unit Coil
  7. Take Refrigerant Pressure Reading
  8. Take Subcool Reading
  9. Take Superheat Reading
  10. Take Voltage Reading at the Compressor
  11. Label Emergency Contact Information
  12. Take Amperage Reading at the Compressor
  13. Check Breaker Panel Labeling
  14. Check Breaker Panel Amperage Sizing

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