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Annual Air Conditioning Maintenance in Cape Coral & Fort Myers, Florida

Think again before skipping your annual air conditioning tune-up this year. Air conditioner maintenance is crucial! Count on Caloosa Cooling, your elite air conditioning and HVAC company servicing Cape Coral & Fort Myers, Florida to conduct thorough and effective air conditioning maintenance.

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Think Again Before Skipping Your Annual Air Conditioning Tune-Up This Year!

Reason No. 1: A spring tune-up gives air conditioners a head start

Florida’s long season of hot weather means consumers run air conditioners around the clock. Give your system a head start and sure it’s ready for full operating energy efficiency in the long season ahead.

Reason No. 2: Regular maintenance saves money.

If an air conditioner malfunctions, the repair will cost more than the tune-up would have and 50% of cooling problems can be prevented by regular annual maintenance. Regular maintenance enhances your air conditioner’s energy operating efficiency resulting in cost savings of up to 15%.

Reason No. 3: Failing to conduct regular maintenance voids AC warranty.

The majority of newly purchased air conditioners come with a limited warranty dependent upon proper AC maintenance.

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Reason No. 4: A properly-maintained air conditioner lasts longer.

Regular maintenance leads to fewer repairs, higher efficiency, and longer life expectancy.

Reason No. 5: Tune-ups promote energy efficiency.

Skipping annual AC maintenance decreases operating efficiency by five percent yearly because:

  • dust and debris collect on coils overtime
  • condensate drains must be checked for clogs
  • motor parts need lubrication
  • blower components require periodic cleaning and adjustments

Reason No. 6: The EPA, EnergyStar, and the USDE recommend regular maintenance.

HVAC companies are not alone when promoting air conditioning maintenance; the EPAEnergyStar, and the U.S. Department of Energy all recommend regular air conditioner maintenance too.

Reason No. 7: Take advantage of early, flexible scheduling in the spring

Schedule your tune up appointment before summer hits to avoid scheduling complications and stress. Be prepared for the hot season early.

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Schedule your annual AC maintenance today with Caloosa Cooling, your elite air conditioning and HVAC company servicing Cape Coral & Fort Myers, Florida.

Caloosa Cooling provides quality maintenance, repair and installation services. Our trained technicians are eager to tackle all your air conditioning needs.

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For annual air conditioning maintenance in Cape Coral & Fort Myers, call Caloosa Cooling at 239-226-0202 or connect with us online at We are on call 24 hours a day to provide emergency heating and cooling services to residential and commercial properties.

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