What Happens if Your Condensing Unit Outside the House Submerge to Salt Water?

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If salt water entered the condensing unit outside the house, then it is possible that the system will have problems in the future. In the meantime, Caloosa Cooling technicians want to be clear, that if the system is currently working then it should be fine, but you should be aware that salt water corrosion may impact the coils and electronic components and result in degradation of the system over time.

The ocean’s salty water has a high concentration of sodium chloride (salt) particles. Moist sea air contains salt particles, which form a dust-like layer on the surface of your equipment. This salt film draws moisture. The mixture of salt and water swiftly corrodes and deteriorates the cooling system’s metal components. Metals such as aluminum, copper, and steel are affected by salt. Because many components of your A/C system are constructed of these materials, your A/C will sustain such damage.

The harm has a knock-on effect. Corroded coils impede effective air movement and, as a result, limit heat transmission. This might cause further damage to other sections of the A/C. In the worst-case situation, the damages result in reduced system efficiency and, in the worst-case scenario, full system failure.

Signs of Corrosion Problems:

How Can You Protect Your Air Conditioner From Corroding?

Have your air conditioner cleaned and examined on a regular basis to avoid many of the issues caused by salt water corrosion.

Builder Specification Installation

In regards to the builder specification installation; builders typically dictate installation of single or two stage systems which we stand behind with our new build installations, but many customers ask for higher end replacement alternatives (variable speed, higher SEER rating, quieter operation).

These units come at a premium and offer a number of benefits.

We at Caloosa Cooling are happy to provide value level options to our customers as we are one of the largest dealers of these style of units in Southwest Florida and are very competitively priced if requested due to our purchasing power.

Daiken Seer 17 Outside the House

Lastly, please note that for high end systems like a Daikin 17 SEER Fit system, Daikin announced today that it is offering a $1,400 instant consumer rebate and a Free Daikin One Thermostat which is a significant value on a premium system. This may have been why it was referenced as a replacement option for a new unit.

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