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We at Caloosa Cooling provide top-of-the-line Air Conditioning installation and Replacement or A/C repair, delivering the highest quality of heating and cooling services in Fort Myers and Cape Coral, Florida. Our priority is your safety and comfort for your residential or commercial needs.

Is your air conditioner acting abnormally like freezing up? It is important that you should not let your air conditioner cool improperly, if it keeps freezing up it will be severely damaged. You need to address the problem immediately to save your air conditioner from more costly repair and extend its lifespan use.

Here we share some causes and its reasons, follow along for some surprising air conditioner issues:

Cause No. 1: Low refrigerant

Technician is checking air conditionerIf the system reaches its point of low pressure then the refrigerant will also be low, by then your air conditioner will start to freeze up. Technically, the air conditioner’s evaporator coil will drop below to freezing point and the air moisture will interact with your coil causing to form ice.

Cause No. 2: Airflow problems

This is another common cause, an obstruction in airflow. If the airflow in the air conditioner is limited, it cannot get there where it is supposed to function. The thermal energy exchange will malfunction and it will deliver all the cool air directly into your system. Eventually, temperature drops and your air conditioner freezes up.

Cause No. 3: Various mechanism failures

A variety of component or mechanical failures can cause your air conditioner to freeze up such as:

  • twisted refrigerant lines blower fans are functioning
  • the refrigerant lines are damaged
  • out of balance fans
  • filter dryer is clogged

Cause No. 4: Operator problem

Though uncommon, it happens. If someone sets your air conditioner’s temperature as ‘too low’, your system will freeze up. Such temperature range is beyond the air conditioner’s designs and specifications like below around 62 degrees, it will act abnormally like freezing up. The air conditioner’s pressure will drop and in time your central air conditioner is cold enough to freeze you up.

Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement Fort Myers

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