Top Health Benefits of Air Conditioning in Fort Myers, Florida

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Air conditioning in Fort Myers, Florida doesn’t have the best reputation. You only have to search health risks in air conditioning to see an awful lot of scaremongering from various sections of the press on the subject, much of it unfounded or at least misinterpreted. As it stands, though, it’s somewhat understandable that people want only an expert to install a new AC system in Fort Myers, Florida.

So what will a good contractor like Caloosa Cooling do? Well, the best approach is to combat negativity with positivity. If you have heard lots about how an air conditioning system may be harmful to your health, the best approach is to come back with the ways one can be a positive influence. Here are a few key points worth memorizing.

Health Benefits of Air Conditioning

Curtail heat-related symptoms

In many places where air conditioning is less common, heat waves become a health crisis. The less heat-tolerant, such as kids and the elderly, are more at risk for heatstroke and dehydration. Certain conditions, such as heart disease or immune disorders, can be exacerbated by the heat. Air conditioning is the best way to prevent and reduce heat-related symptoms.

Improve air quality conditions

A good air conditioning system installed by  Caloosa Cooling technicians can provide air filtration and give you cleaner air indoors. Special filters remove bacteria, mold, allergens, and pollution from the air, creating a healthier environment for those with allergies, asthma, and other respiratory issues.

Microbes, pollen, and other pollutants can easily trigger illnesses that affect breathing. The absence of these irritants can also make it easier to recover from a cold, allergies, or the flu. It’s important to understand that not all A/C  HVAC filters take care of these issues. Basic filters just keep dust and particles out of the AC system, not clean the air. Keep reading to learn more about the best kind of filters for your health.

Air conditioners help respiratory conditions

​Asthma is an unpleasant condition, to say the least: often uncomfortable, sometimes life-threatening, and unfortunately permanent. Sufferers of asthma and similar respiratory conditions can find their symptoms relieved by a well-maintained air conditioning system, which regularly removes from the air the kind of contaminants and pollutants that aggravate the condition, from pollen to dust mites.

Consistent temperature is healthy

Many people underestimate the pernicious effect that a too-hot, too-cold, or frequently fluctuating temperature can have on their health. Being overly warm or cold can quickly use up a person’s energy, leaving them chronically fatigued and running down their immune system. An AC system maintains a constant pleasant room temperature which puts the body on an even keel and makes a person better equipped to fight off infection. There are also more serious conditions that can be helped by a good AC system. The risk of heat stroke and heat exhaustion shoots up for people cooped up in hot buildings on hot days. An AC system takes the edge off the hottest part of the day, and for vulnerable people, this can be a literal lifesaver.

Removing fumes and odors

​A bad smell is unpleasant enough by itself, but it’s often also an indicator of a deeper and more serious problem – stale air, fumes, or carelessly stored cleaning chemicals. All of these things can have an effect on health if they permeate the air and are allowed to become stagnant. An efficient AC system will deal with the matter.

High or low humidity affects health

​An environment with overly high humidity becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and other potentially harmful microorganisms, while excessively low humidity creates dry air that aggravates dry skin conditions and can also dry out the sinuses. An AC system keeps humidity steady and within the healthy range.

Because it is a more recent development in climate control than heating, people tend to underestimate the health benefits of air conditioning.

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