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There is always a looming threat of a disaster striking Southwest Florida this hurricane season, which calls for proactive action to ensure safety. While you prepare your home and property for a potential storm, it is also important that you take notice of your A/C’s outdoor unit and take preventive measures to keep it damage-free.

Here are some tips that we have gathered to help you out!

  • Before a storm, turn off power. Turning your appliances on in the middle of a storm increases the risk of it being damaged especially if a power surge occurs. Make sure that you have turned off the equipment’s circuit breaker.
  • Use waterproof covering. Your outdoor unit might be damaged by heavy rain and possible flooding, making it a necessity to have it tightly covered using a tarp or its recommended protective equipment. You can ask your A/C company about the required protection for your unit.
  • Secure outdoor furniture and equipment. Your patio furniture, as well as stuff in your backyard or front lawn which may be carried off by heavy winds, can cause damage to your A/C if not secured in a safe place. Make sure that you’ve cleared your outdoors of these materials before a disaster.
  • Trim dead tree limbs and breakable branches. If you have trees or shrubbery in your landscape, get rid of those fragile parts that may break or fall during a storm and cause damage.
  • Inspect your unit after a storm. After a hurricane, do not turn your unit on immediately! Check it for damages first. It would help to consult a professional HVAC technician for expert advice and further damage prevention (especially if you try fixing it on your own).

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