Prepare Your Air Conditioner for Southwest Florida Summer!

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Did you know? On average, people in Southwest Florida waste almost an hour each day cooling their homes with an air conditioner. Summer is the season during which the hot scorching sun embraces the earth.

Life during the sunny days is hot, sweaty and gets a little uncomfortable. In Southwest Florida, summers are beautiful and long with temperatures that soar up to mid 30 degrees Celsius, thus making people retreat to a gloriously cool air-conditioned home after being under the blistering heat of the day. During summer, air-conditioned home is considered as an oasis. Also during these days, air conditioning installation Cape Coral services will be at its peak, and the energy consumption soars just like the temperature at midday. This will automatically make you pay from your pocket. Don’t worry, we will give you various tips and tricks to deal with the soaring electricity bill without compromising the comfort inside your home.

The air conditioner in Cape Coral draws in the air from the outside atmosphere and passes it over the evaporator coils, which contain the refrigerant. All those work together to extract heat and humidity from the air. The coolant gets changed from the liquid to a gaseous state. A compressor pump sends the coolant back to the condenser coil, which condenses it and again converts the gas to a liquid state. The motor makes the compressor generate the energy that powers the unit, runs the cooling fan, and circulates the coolant and air. Finally, the cold air is blown in through the vents of your home to keep you comfortable.

These days, it is hard to find houses without air conditioners as an air conditioning installation in Cape Coral cost is affordable! The following are the things that should be considered to make your air conditioner operate optimally.

Service The AC

Schedule inspections, tune-ups, and other maintenance or air conditioning repairs in Cape Coral, planned ahead the hot weather to avoid breakdowns and emergencies. You will also save money by doing regular maintenance.


Remove your AC’s grated cover and clean the unit’s fan blades, copper coils, condensation tube, and drain. It is vital for the copper coils of an AC unit to be clean for unimpeded airflow. Also, the water that the system produces must have a proper draining facility. Oil the motor to eliminate squeaks or other noises.

Assessing The Duct

A breach in the air system allows heat and humidity to enter your room. Ducts may run through the ceiling or floor, in the attic, above the garage, and in other configurations.

Changing The Filter

The filter catches the dust particles and provides you with clean air for breathing, so replacing the filter periodically is a must.

Install Thermostat

When you opt for air conditioning installation Cape Coral, invest in a programmable thermostat so that the temperature gets adjusted automatically.

Follow these tips and enjoy your summer! Caloosa Cooling offers regular and bespoke maintenance contracts to all air conditioning (HVAC maintenance) systems in Cape Coral and its surrounding areas. We offer comprehensive and competitively priced maintenance contracts for all applications. Call us today239-226-0202.

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