Does Your Homeowners Insurance Cover Broken HVAC?

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HVAC and Home Insurance

Your HVAC system may be covered by either the dwelling coverage or the personal property coverage on your homeowners’ insurance.

Since a built-in unit is considered part of the home’s construction, it may be covered by home insurance for repair or replacement. As a personal item, a window-based unit might be repaired or replaced under personal property coverage.

The purpose of insurance is to cover sudden dangers such as fires, explosions, and falling items. If your air conditioning unit breaks down due to old age or normal wear and tear, your insurance provider may not pay to repair or replace it.

Fire and Lightning Damage

Your HVAC system may be covered by either the dwelling coverage or the personal property coverage on your homeowners insurance.

If your air conditioner is damaged or destroyed by a fire, your homeowner’s insurance will cover its repair or replacement. If lightning strikes your air conditioning equipment and destroys its electrical components, your homeowner’s insurance coverage will often pay to repair it.

Falling Trees and Vandalism

If your air conditioning unit is destroyed by a falling tree or limb, you are protected since most insurance policies cover tree-related damage. If your air conditioner or heat pump is vandalized, you are also covered by your homeowner’s insurance, as vandalism is often covered. Additionally, you should submit a police complaint to document the offense and the damages.

Call your agent or insurance provider if you have any questions regarding the specifics of your coverage, since policies may vary.

When Doesn't Homeowners Insurance Cover HVAC Units?

Your AC Units Breaks From Old Age and Lack of Maintenance

Lack of maintenance, regular wear and tear, or accidents are not covered by homeowner’s insurance coverage. Your homeowner’s insurance will not cover an air conditioner that breaks after 10 years of usage or is damaged by a stray baseball during a backyard game of catch. You will be completely liable for the unit’s repair or replacement.

Additionally, keep an eye out for water damage. While air conditioning equipment are typically resistant to water damage, they create water as part of their routine functioning. If this water spills into your home and creates flooding, you will not be covered because it is a maintenance problem. Regularly inspect the drainage of your air conditioning machine.

In addition, homeowners’ insurance providers view window and central air conditioning systems differently. A central air conditioning unit is often considered part of the home’s construction, but a window unit is protected as personal property and not as part of the home’s structure. Consequently, the scope of damage often covered for window units is typically more limited.

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