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Indoor air pollutants can be more harmful for your family than outdoor pollutants. The average family spends most of their time at home and in their bedrooms exposed to dust, air particulates, and air contaminants. Indoor Air Quality is increasingly recognized as critical to your health, immune system, quality of your sleep, allergies, and asthma. Indoor Air Quality Control with the help of a whole-house air filtration system has been proven to help limit the spread of viruses and bacteria and improve your family’s health. What you are breathing is as important as the comfort of your air. Caloosa Cooling can help you with clean air solutions.

Our technicians are experts at diagnosing and recommending air quality solutions, including:

Are Your Air Ducts Clean?

Without regular maintenance your air ducts can contain elements that lead to allergy problems. The expert technicians at Caloosa Colling can help your family breath better and will advise you on UV lights, filters, whole home air purification systems, can clean and recommend filter options and advise improvements to your air handler. We also offer the most comprehensive Maintenance Service in the market.

Whole House Air Filtration System

Coil Cleaning

Evaporator coils are located inside the air handler, and typically reside inside your home or attic. In Florida’s humid climate, the air is heavy with moisture, leading to increased accumulation of dirt and dust on Air Conditioning Coils. The buildup adversely affects your air conditioning system. The evaporator coil, containing chilled refrigerant, facilitates the transfer of cold to the air while expelling heat outdoors as warm air passes over it.

When dirt or biological growth accumulates on the evaporator coil, it forms a barrier that impedes the efficient exchange of heat and cold. The condition necessitates more energy to cool your spaces, as increased air circulation is required to maintain desired cool temperatures. Dirty coils not only impact cooling efficiency but also contribute to poor indoor air quality, as dirt and bacteria are dispersed through the ventilation system, potentially leading to a higher rate of blocked drain lines. Furthermore, the strain on the air conditioner caused by dirty coils can result in increased energy consumption and a shortened lifespan of the AC system.

Our AC service technicians specialize in diagnosing issues related to dirty evaporator coils. We provide effective coil cleaning solutions and offer preventative tools to ensure optimal AC system functionality.

Seals and Gaskets

Preserve the integrity of your air filtration system with our specialized repair service addressing seals and gaskets. These components are pivotal for maintaining airtight connections within the system. As time passes, wear and tear can compromise their effectiveness, leading to leaks and reduced efficiency. Our skilled technicians conduct thorough inspections, identifying and replacing worn seals and gaskets. By ensuring airtight connections, we enhance the overall performance of your system, preventing energy loss and maintaining optimal air quality.

Electronic Components

In whole-house filtration systems, electronic components play a crucial role in ensuring efficient and reliable operation. Common issues may arise, such as sensor malfunctions, circuit board failures, or power supply issues. To address these challenges, our technicians diagnose and rectify electronic faults and restore the seamless operation of your system.

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Airflow Sensors

If you’re experiencing airflow sensor issues in your whole house filtration system, our team is ready to assist you effectively. We will first conduct a comprehensive inspection to identify the root cause of the sensor malfunction. This involves checking for any physical damage, loose connections, or sensor calibration issues.

Once the problem is identified, we will proceed with the necessary repairs or replacements. Our goal is to restore the functionality of your airflow sensors to ensure the efficient operation of your filtration system.

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Experienced Excellence Since 2001

Caloosa Cooling has been a trusted name in the heating and air conditioning industry since 2001. With over two decades of experience, we have consistently provided complete solutions to our clients, earning their trust and satisfaction.

Elite Technicians and Supreme Designs

Our team of highly trained technicians is dedicated to delivering top-notch services. We pride ourselves on the excellence of our workforce, ensuring that they are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills in the HVAC industry. From supreme designs to custom engineering, we go above and beyond to tailor solutions that meet your specific needs, whether for your new home or commercial space.

Comprehensive Emergency Service

We understand that some HVAC issues need fast response to prevent further loss, so our emergency service is available from 7 AM to 9 PM. Just make a call to book an emergency appointment.

Trusted Brands and Quality Assurance

Caloosa Cooling is committed to providing quality services at a comprehensive rate. We exclusively cater to renowned brands such as Daikin, Carrier, Solaris, Lennox, Tempstar, Reme Halo, and Trane. Our dedication to quality extends to being a licensed Florida contractor (License # CAC048106), ensuring that we meet and exceed industry standards.

NATE Certified Technicians

Our team includes NATE-certified technicians, validating their real-world working knowledge of HVACR systems. When choosing Caloosa Cooling, you can trust that our technicians are among the best in the industry.

Let us help you breathe cleaner, fresher air in your new home. Contact Caloosa Cooling for AC repair, HVAC cleaning, or whole-house air filtration system services.


An air purifier typically focuses on removing airborne particles, allergens, and contaminants from the air using filters or other technologies. An air filtration system is a broader term that may include various mechanisms, such as HEPA filters, UV lights, or electrostatic precipitators, to improve overall air quality.
The time it takes for an air purifier to clean the air in a house depends on factors like the size of the purifier, the room, and the air quality. Generally, it may take a few hours to achieve noticeable improvement, but continuous operation is recommended for ongoing air purification.

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