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An important factor influencing your choice of which city to move to in Florida, is the cost of living. If you decide to move to Florida, check out the cost of living in Fort Myers.

Lee County, Florida, is divided into several larger attractive cities. Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Charlotte County, Estero, Lehigh Acres, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, and others. Many of these cities are very affordable with excellent resources and warm weather activities to support your desired lifestyle.

Fort Myers Population Growth

Referencing the City of Fort Myers Competitive Assessment project updated April 16, 2021, Lee County is one of the fastest growing cities in the State of Florida, and Fort Myer’s growth has exceeded Lee County’s growth since 2010. Fort Myer’s population growth has been 16.7% in comparison to Lee County’s 11.1% over the 2015-2019 timeframe.

Florida Population Growth from 2015 to 2019

Average Cost of Living in Fort Myers

Utilizing Best Places Cost of Living Index, which adjusts for Florida’s Lower Tax Rate, Fort Myers cost of living value is 96.2, which is 3.8% below the US national average (any value below 100 means a city is cheaper to live in than the US Average).

HTA Index of Affordability (a lower % value is better): Fort Myers and Lehigh Acres rank best among the following areas for affordability in Southwest Florida.

Air Conditioning in Fort Myers

If you are planning on moving to Fort Myers or to any city in Florida, you should account for the impact that air conditioning will have on your daily lives. When measuring Fort Myers in the number of days where Air Conditioning is required to cool your home to 72 degrees Fahrenheit; Fort Myers air conditioners will be active 347 days out of the year. In comparison, Boston requires air conditioning for only 106 days of the year.

Climate indicators

Having a quality Air Conditioning system in your home and maintaining that system with proper professional Service, are important for maintaining Comfort and proper Cooling.

Find a reputable Air Conditioning company to provide AC Service, AC Maintenance, Indoor Air Quality Solutions, and Air Conditioning Replacement Services to assure that your move to Fort Myers is an enjoyable lifestyle choice for you and your family.

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