Beat the Heat with these Alternative Home Cooling Tips!

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There’s no question as to why Florida is nicknamed as the Sunshine State. With the amount of sun it gets throughout the year, in addition to the pristine waters surrounding it, Florida is a top destination for those who want a relaxing and refreshing getaway, especially during winter. Some days, though, it can get extremely hot indoors, calling for A/C action. 

If you want to save money and energy, however, and give your cooling system a rest, you can try these alternative home cooling hacks to stay comfortable even with the heat!

Sunlight reflection.

Most definitely! With the sunshine we get, we need to ward off some to keep our houses cool. One common way to keep most of the sun out is through drawing the curtains. You may also opt for removable film and window coverings that offer insulation. Reflective roof paint is also welcome! Plants also help filter out the sun; just be sure to plant them in the right places.

Use cooler sheets.

Cotton beddings and blankets are light, airy, and give a cooler feel. You can also try switching your traditional pillows for buckwheat hull pillows, which has more airflow and therefore help maintain a cooler temperature.

Go for LED bulbs

If you haven’t ditched your incandescent bulbs for LED bulbs yet, you better do it now! High energy wastage has been associated with incandescent lamps, and that’s just from the heat that they dissipate! LED bulbs are way cooler, and have great energy saving capabilities than other bulb types. Not only will you cool your home, you’d also have a significant electric bill expense reduction.

Make your fans turn counter-clockwise.

This hack enables your fans to remove hot air and push cool air towards the floor, and thus leaving you feeling cooled down. Another good tip with fans is to place an icebox or bucket in front of your fan to create a cool breeze.

Open your windows at night.

If it gets cold in the nights, open your windows in a way that you can strategically manipulate the breeze coming in. You can use your fans to create a good cross breeze and instantly feel cooler.

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