Beat the Heat With These Alternative 9 Home Cooling Tips!

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Caloosa Cooling put together some tips and tricks that will not only keep your home cool and comfortable during the summer, but will also save you hundreds of dollars on your energy bills. So, if you want to know how to hack your AC to make it cool better or if you need quick ways to cool your AC, continue reading.

How to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer Season?

1. Buy an Energy-Efficient System

If you want to buy a cooling system, choose one that is ENERGY STAR-rated. If you already have air conditioning, have it inspected and cleaned by a professional according to the manufacturer’s instructions to keep it working well.

2. Replace Your Filter

Every month or two, you should change your AC filter. Check your air ducts for leaks and make sure no furniture, appliances, or other objects are blocking the vents. Taking care of things can make a big difference.

3. Add Insulation to Your Home

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to cool your home is to add insulation to the attic. If you need to, you could also add insulation to your walls.

4. Keep the Sun Out of Your Room or Home

No matter how much you would like to let the natural light into your room, it is important to remember that light means heat. The more sunlight that comes into your home, the warmer it feels and the harder your AC will have to work.

To keep your house from getting hot, close the blinds, especially on the west- and north-facing windows. If you have blackout curtains, we recommend you to use it to completely block out heat and keep your house cool all summer. Reflective roof paint is also welcome! Plants also help filter out the sun; just be sure to plant them in the right places.

5. Use Your Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans can help keep your house cool by creating a breeze b ut try not to use fans like those in kitchens and bathrooms too often. Just one hour of running them can take all the cool air out of the house.

6. Adjust Your Thermostats

Set thermostats to 76°F or higher during the day if people are home, and a few degrees higher at night or when you’re not there. Each degree you turn up can help you save energy and money.

7. Install an Awning

Awnings are a great replacement for trees. They’re pretty useful if you don’t have room for trees or don’t want to wait for one to grow. Awnings usually go over your windows and block the sun from getting into your home. This cuts down on how much light your house lets in, which will keep it cooler in the summer. The US Department of Energy says that window awnings can cut solar heat gain by up to 65–77%.

8. Close the Doors

Close the doors to rooms you aren’t using to keep the cool air where you need it most. It keeps cool air from leaking into rooms where you don’t want it. It also makes it easier for your air conditioner to cool larger areas because it doesn’t have to work as hard.

Also, fill in any cracks or gaps around windows and doors, since cool air usually leaks out through them. Fill in the spaces around doors and windows and use draught excluders to keep cool air from escaping.

9. Get a Smart Cooling Solution

This summer season, the only thing that could make your home cooler is your AC System. You can’t make your AC unit think for itself, but you can get the next best thing by buying a smart AC controller or a smart thermostat.

These gadgets let you set cooling times for the whole week and turn on your air conditioner when you get close to your house. They have a lot of smart features and benefits, and they can also save up to 25% of energy.

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