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Regular maintenance is extremely important for your household appliances, especially the ones that you use the most, like the air conditioner, for example. An air conditioner is one appliance that needs routine check-ups in order to function properly.

Besides contacting Caloosa Cooling, an air conditioner maintenance Fort Myers company, here is a checklist to keep your HVAC up and running:

  1. Check the filters. The filter is usually the part of the air conditioner that holds airborne particles and environmental pollutants like smoke and dust. Since it screens all the dirt and unwanted particles, an air conditioner filter must be changed regularly. Depending on the frequency of usage, you can have HVAC filters changed once every three to six months; however, check filters monthly.
  2. When it comes to outdoor air conditioning units, see to it that there are at least two feet of space around the units or air pumps. A good air conditioner maintenance Lehigh Acres already knows this and other standard AC setbacks.
  3. You must also make sure that there is no obstruction like twigs, branches, or fallen leaves on top of the HVAC units or heat pumps. Get regular maintenance from professionals by calling Caloosa Cooling at 239-226-0202 today or visiting the website at
  4. Verify access panels and clear obstructions. Check the panels for loose screws. Make sure that everything is carefully secured and the access panels are in place. Clear the HVAC unit if there are foreign objects that can obstruct the unit from functioning properly. Examples of common obstructions are leaves, newspapers, and pet hairs.

Like cars, HVAC units also need your attention for their longevity and efficiency. For an even easier maintenance process, contact Caloosa Cooling an air conditioner maintenance Fort Myers company. Asking for professional help is a wise decision especially if you do not have the time to do these check-up procedures yourself. Take care of your HVAC unit and do not hesitate to contact Caloosa Cooling at 239-226-0202 today for HVAC services in Southwest Florida or visit the website:

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