Signs That an AC System Needs Cleaning

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December is the most humid month in Florida City, with an average relative humidity of 74%. Make sure your air conditioner is ready to keep you cool by checking its readiness. However, how can you tell whether it just needs a little TLC? You probably need an air conditioner repair if you notice any of the warning signals.

For optimal performance and efficiency, your air conditioner should be cleaned and sanitized regularly. Additionally, it will aid in clearing out the dust, filth, mold, and mildew that accumulates deep inside the machine and disperses pathogens and allergens throughout your environment.

Regular AC System Cleaning Benefits

For an air conditioner to operate successfully and efficiently, frequent maintenance is required for the unit’s filters, coils, and fins.

When proper maintenance is neglected, the performance of the air conditioner will gradually deteriorate while energy consumption will gradually rise. Here are the benefits of having routine AC maintenance:

  1. Greater comfort – Your home’s cooling system runs more efficiently when it receives regular maintenance, which results in consistently comfortable temperatures.
  2. Improved air quality – When combined with some of the incredible indoor air quality systems available today, a well-maintained air conditioner keeps the air in your home clean and free of toxins!
  3. Fewer repairs – With a little regular maintenance, more than 80% of the most expensive air conditioner repairs can be avoided.
  4. Monthly savings – Because a well-maintained A/C system is more effective, you’ll also spend less on utilities.
  5. Longer system life: Replacing your air conditioning system too soon can be inconvenient and expensive. A/C systems that are properly maintained last a lot longer than those that aren’t.

Signs That an AC System Needs Cleaning

1. Blocked Air Vents

When inadequate airflow is paired with this continuous air pressure buildup at a blocked air vent, the heat exchanger in your HVAC system may be harmed. The ductwork may leak as a result of this damage, and carbon monoxide may be exhaled.

AC Vent full of Molds

2. Less Airflow

Poor airflow is a typical indication that your air conditioner isn’t operating well or that there is a blockage in the ductwork in your home. A faulty motor, clogged air filters, or something even worse could be a cause.

checking airflow of the AC

If your home frequently has poor airflow, we might advise buying an energy-recovery ventilator. By replacing stale air with new air each time your system cycles, it can help your air conditioner work more efficiently. Zoning systems may also be advantageous for your air conditioner. They can make sure you receive the proper ventilation and cooling power where it is most needed.

3. A Blast Of Dust

Your air conditioner is unable to operate at its best due to the accumulation of microbial contaminants. If an air conditioner is used frequently, a dirty filter is frequently the first evident indication that it needs cleaning.

Dust come from the AC

If so, it should be cleaned every three months. When it comes to the filter, you can do it yourself, but you should always use caution when cleaning electrical equipment parts. This dust is dispersed throughout the air by a filthy filter, which can be problematic for allergy sufferers.

4. Noisy Vents

The majority of air conditioners produce little noise when they start up and stop. But significant issues with your cooling system can be indicated by loud, sudden, or strange noises.

Noisy AC Vent

While whistling or grinding noises can indicate something more dangerous, rattling or buzzing noises can point to a loose part. A professional tune-up is necessary because this kind of problem rarely resolves itself. Our specialists will identify the issue’s root cause and suggest a fix to keep your family cool and cozy all season long.

5. Constant Sickness

This is because poor indoor air quality means that the air you breathe contains more than just air. An increase in allergies, asthma attacks, a stuffy nose, or other breathing issues may be tough for your body to deal with. Your body will exhaust more quickly if it has to work harder to breathe all the time.

Boy having a Headache

6. High Energy Bill

Your AC HVAC system can function properly because the air filters prevent dust from entering the system. They allow the clean air within the AC to be cooled while obstructing dust.

High Energy Consumption equals High Cost

However, regular use of these filters causes them to become clogged with dust, which makes the AC work harder to circulate air inside and frequently results in high power consumption.

7. Mold

When the air conditioner is running and you can see mold on the exterior vents, it’s time to thoroughly clean and sanitizes the area. The inside of the machine is probably infested with mold and its dangerous spores by the time this microbial contamination can be seen clearly on the exterior vent.

Visible Molds on the AC Unit

When the air conditioner is running and you can see mold on the exterior vents, it’s time to thoroughly clean and sanitizes the area. The inside of the machine is probably infested with mold and its dangerous spores by the time this microbial contamination can be seen clearly on the exterior vent.

8. Allergies Are Worse Than Usual

Without routine maintenance, your HVAC system cannot filter out allergens. As a result, your AC unit circulates dust, debris, and pet dander around the house, ultimately aggravating your allergies in exchange for cold air.

AC Unit triggers Allergy

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There are terrible health and life-threatening effects of all this heat, and that’s why it is crucial to utilize air conditioning wisely with the help of AC experts. A good air conditioning system is a wise investment due to its many advantages.

At Caloosa Cooling, our experts at diagnosing and recommending air quality solutions for your residential or commercial HVAC including:

Everyone should include cleaning their air ducts in their regular maintenance schedule. Your home will remain in good condition and your energy costs will be kept low if your air ducts are kept clean. Most importantly, keeping your family safe and healthy is possible by keeping your air ducts clean.

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