A/C Preventive Maintenance Tips for Spring 2018

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Spring is here, and it’s a good time to check your A/C system before summer comes. Proper maintenance is necessary to make your equipment last longer. Air-conditioner failures are often results of improper cleaning or no cleaning at all.

To prevent spending money on repairs and worrying about a possible A/C breakdown during hot summer months, we’ve compiled a checklist to help you out!

Your A/C maintenance checklist wouldn’t be complete without hiring an expert HVAC company to guide you throughout the process, as some of it would need to be done by professionals to prevent damages. When it comes to HVAC expertise, Caloosa Cooling is Southwest Florida’s best. Our technicians would attend to your needs and ensure that the work is properly and efficiently done. For air conditioning and HVAC system maintenance in Cape Coral, Florida and its surrounding communities, call Caloosa Cooling today at 239-226-0202.

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