Tempstar AC Savings Difference in Fort Myers and Cape Coral, FL

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Energy-efficient air conditioning systems save money on energy bills.

Upgrading or installing a new and more efficient air conditioning system decreases electricity bills, reduces environmental impact, and provides a cool and comfortable atmosphere.

The Tempstar Difference

Tempstar Advantages

1. Decreased Energy Usage

2. Reduced Environmental Impact

3. Improved Cooling

4. Increased Durability

5. Quieter Operation

6. Fewer Repairs

7. Added Incentives

8. Extended Lifespan

Tempstar Features

1. Energy-Saving Settings

2. ENERGY STAR® Certified

3. Top-Level EER/SEER Ratings

4. Ideal Size

Determine the required Air Conditioning unit size for space.

5. Programmable Settings

6. Advanced Tech “Smart “Features

ENERGY STAR® compliant AC units are designed with “smarter” features.

Tips to Maximize Energy-Efficient Air Conditioners

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Energy-efficient air conditioning is the future. Caloosa Cooling increases energy savings, decreases expenses, provides comfortable and relaxing conditions and contributes to saving mother nature.

Caloosa Cooling delivers high-quality and affordable Tempstar Air Conditioning models to Fort Myers and Cape Coral, Florida. The Tempstar Service Team is available(7am to 9pm) for emergency services to meet residential and commercial heating and cooling needs.

Caloosa Cooling, your Air Conditioning Installation, and Replacement FL offer services:

  • Heating

    We will be ready to help you analyze what you need in the way of a heating system when you give us a call.

  • Cooling

    We will keep you comfortable with the perfect and affordable Air conditioning & HVAC installation or replacement you need!

  • Sales

    Our main A/C systems that we sell and install are the Lennox, Carrier, Trane & Tempstar brands.

  • Installations

    We offer a free analysis of your A/C needs in order to give you an accurate estimate of needs and costs.

  • Repairs

    We have dedicated A/C repair staff to service all A/C repairs as well as regular servicing A/C units.

Call Caloosa Cooling at 📞239-226-0202 or 📌connect with us online for energy-efficient air conditioning products and services.

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