SurgeShield by FPL by Caloosa Cooling

Call now to sign up and use the special Install Promotion code of AC0419 for extra savings!

It’s simple and a great program to add to your home and Caloosa Cooling can partner with you in facilitating this program.  As a chosen vendor for SurgeShield in Lee County and surrounding areas all you have to do is go on the FPL website or call them. Give them the Caloosa Cooling special SurgeShield Install code AC0419 and you will be enrolled and with this promotional code of AC0419 you will receive 2 months free!

Two different options available


SurgeShield®, a state-of-the-art surge protector installed directly at your electric meter, helps protect your major motor-driven appliances from power surges. SurgeShield comes with a $5,000 limited manufacturer’s warranty per appliance, per occurrence, per year.

For Homeowners

$9.95 plus tax, per month*added to your FPL bill.

SurgeShield® + Electronics Surge ProtectionFor only $14.95 plus tax, per month added to your FPL bill.

Protect your Air conditioner, Refrigerator, Game Consoles, Computers, Washer & Dryer, Tablets, Dishwasher, Home Theatre, Oven/Range & more with SurgeShield.

Make sure again you use the Caloosa Cooling Install code of AC0419. Get the protection you deserve and need!

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