How to Keep Your Air Conditioner Safe and Clean This Holiday Season in Fort Myers and Cape Coral, FL

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Holiday Season is approaching, whether you’ll celebrate the holidays alone or inviting guests to come over, you’ll need to keep your home comfortable and safe. Starting with the appliances, your air conditioner A/C units need the care to maintain its consistent performance for worry-free usage into next year just like any appliances we use in our home. We must never fail to keep it clean and maintained. Check out the following tips below on how to keep your air conditioner units safe and clean this holiday season.

Tip No. 1: Clean air conditioner filters regularly.

Air conditioner filters must be cleaned regularly. You can put up a schedule, it is vital to clean it daily because such air filters are vulnerable to dirt, dust and allergen particles. Dirty filters make the air flowing through much dirtier and dustier, and it can cause heart problems like allergies and can impose symptoms of asthma. A solution made up of warm water and white vinegar can be used to clean the filter.

Tip No. 2: Clean the condenser coils and the water pan.

Condenser coils must be cleaned too, to prevent malfunctions. If the air conditioner filters aren’t clean, it may affect the evaporator and condenser coils. Use a soft bristle brush or plastic scrub brush to clean the coils and also a spray of coil cleaner to remove dirt and dust. It is necessary to remove and lessen the growth of molds. Cleaning it would help make the airflow better.

Tip No. 3: Keep the fan blades clean.

Fan Blade is a component of the air conditioner which you should clean also, you may execute cleaning it by wiping it with a soft and clean cloth. You should be extra careful and gentle when doing it to avoid getting them not in order. There’s a possibility that the air conditioner would not work properly and would not perform in its best condition and it may cause it to get louder when disarranged or bent.

Tip No. 4: Clean and remove covers.

You should not forget to clean the outside cover, a wet cloth is needed to wipe it clean. Secure and make sure you get rid of the dirt and the dust so it wouldn’t have access to enter the unit when you open it for the following cleaning process. You also need to remove the front cover, it can be executed manually or you can use a screwdriver for easier execution. Make sure to keep the screws in place so you can see them easier and would not misplace it. It is important because you need them when you assemble and arrange it to its original form.

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