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Navigating the relentless heat of Estero, Florida is not a mere indulgence; it’s a fundamental necessity. The tranquility of your home rests on the shoulders of a meticulously maintained air conditioning system, and in this realm, Caloosa Cooling stands out. As your trusted specialists for all things air conditioning, we take great pride in introducing our AC Annual Maintenance Program.

Recognizing the pivotal role of a well-functioning AC system in preserving your comfort, our mission is to assist you in extending its lifespan, optimizing its performance, and ultimately curbing energy expenses.

The AC Annual Maintenance Program we offer is a proactive and cost-effective solution that encompasses routine inspections, meticulous cleaning, and precision tune-ups. Tailored to address the unique climate challenges of Estero, Florida, where AC systems bear the brunt of continuous and demanding operation, our program ensures your system operates seamlessly and efficiently.

Caloosa Cooling’s Comprehensive Maintenance Service is one of the best in the business. Every Maintenance Service Includes a 31-point inspection:
  1. Check the Filter & Recommend Solutions as Needed
  2. Replace Batteries Where Applicable
  3. Verify Voltage at Air Handler
  4. Verify Amperage Draw at Heater
  5. Check Voltage at the Blower Motor
  6. Check Amperage at the Blower Motor
  7. Verify that an appropriately sized Breaker is Matched to the Heater
  8. Measure Return Air Temperature
  9. Measure Supply Air Temperature
  10. Clear the Drain Line
  11. Surface Clean the Evaporator Coil
  12. Examine and Tighten Low Voltage Electrical Connections
  13. Examine and Tighten High Voltage Electrical Connections
  14. Measure static pressure on the air handler
  15. Inspect Blower Wheel
  16. Spray drain treatment
  1. Check Disconnect at Air Handler
  2. Examine & Tighten Electrical Connections at the Disconnect
  3. Calibration
  4. Record Maintenance Details on PM Sticker
  5. Collect Air Handler Data
  6. Label Unit if it is Currently Unlabeled
  7. Surface Clean the Condensing Unit Coil
  8. Take Refrigerant Pressure Reading
  9. Take Subcool Reading
  10. Take Superheat Reading
  11. Take Voltage Reading at the Compressor
  12. Label Emergency Contact Information
  13. Take Amperage Reading at the Compressor
  14. Check Breaker Panel Labeling
  15. Check Breaker Panel Amperage Sizing

Elevate your comfort and peace of mind with our AC Annual Maintenance Program, where exceptional benefits await you. Gain the advantage of priority scheduling, ensuring you never miss a service appointment. Plus, during maintenance visits, enjoy an exclusive discount on any necessary repairs, further enhancing your cost savings.

By investing in your AC system today, you unlock a myriad of advantages. Experience reduced energy bills, a decrease in repair incidents, an extended equipment lifespan, and, most importantly, uninterrupted comfort. Our commitment to your well-being is unwavering, and we prioritize your comfort above all else.

Join the AC Annual Maintenance Program now to receive the outstanding service and peace of mind that Estero, Florida residents have come to trust from Caloosa Cooling. Your comfort is our foremost concern, and we are dedicated to delivering the highest level of service to exceed your expectations.

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