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Your air conditioning unit is one of the items in your household which keeps you and your family comfortable. The Florida climate can be too hot and humid, and it’s a good thing that our air conditioners keep us from all the heat and sweat. You probably cannot imagine a Florida home without any A/C installed!

With the years of use, your A/C unit might have incurred problems or damages along the way, and all of a sudden it might just stop. It would be a bad thing for the breakdown to occur in the middle of a hot day! When this happens, though, you might find yourself wondering if you should bring your A/C for repair or just purchase another one. Don’t worry; we’re here to help you out!

Here are some helpful tips to consider.

  • Age. The age of your air conditioner is an important factor in determining whether you need a repair or a replacement. An air conditioner aging from 10 to 15 years is better replaced. It most probably has a lot of issues, given the age.
  • Energy efficiency. Old air conditioners are already out-dated when it comes to better energy efficiency. With the steady rise in technology and development, there are features present in newer models which can save you more money in the long run. You might want to replace your old unit at this point.
  • Air duct condition. Are your air ducts leaking too much? Damaged air ducts can cause a lot of energy loss, and as a result, can provide less cooling and comfort and increase your energy bills. It is best to hire a professional to inspect your air ducts to ensure if your unit can still be repaired, or if the air ducts alone can be replaced by newer ones.
  • Frequency of repairs. An increased frequency of repair is usually associated with air conditioner age; meaning, the older your unit is, the more frequent are the repairs done to it. Notice your repair bills getting higher? That’s the sign that you need to replace your unit.
  • Comfort. Is your air conditioner not giving you the same comfort that it has provided before? The problem may lie in the unit’s internal machinery, or that maybe you need a larger unit to accommodate your cooling requirements. It is best to consult an HVAC contractor for expert advice.

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