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The past Florida winter had been colder than usual, which may have caused some trees and plants to release pollen this spring. This isn’t good news if you have allergies.

We have compiled some tips below to help you keep the pollens out and allergens at bay this spring season.

  • Keep your windows closed during times of high pollen count. Enjoying the fresh spring air is understandable, but if you’re one with sensitivity to pollen and other allergens, it might be better to keep your windows closed and turn on your A/C. Fans are an alternative to keep you cool, but they can stir up dust and aggravate your allergies.
  • Bathe your pets before letting them inside the house. Pollen and dirt can get trapped in your pets’ fur and paws, which can transfer inside your home when they get in and shake or play. Be sure to bathe them every time they have been outdoors. Like your pets, pollen and dirt can also get trapped in your hair or clothes, so also be sure to wash often after spending some time outside of your home.
  • Dust and vacuum often. Pollen and dirt can easily get trapped in your carpet, so be sure to have a vacuum cleaner nearby. Limit rugs to help prevent more pollen accumulation. For effective dust removal, use a damp cloth so that the dust doesn’t scatter.
  • Wash your linens, bedding, and drapes. If possible, wash your linens at least once a week to help remove the accumulated allergens. In the meantime, replace your drapes or curtains with window shades.
  • Replace your filter often. The primary purpose of air filters is preventing contaminants from entering your A/C and spreading them inside the house. Replacing them often will help prevent pollen and dirt from entering your system and polluting your indoor air.

Allergies are a hassle, but with proper preventive measures, you can help avoid them. If your A/C breaks down, that would be another problem. Don’t worry, Caloosa Cooling has got your back! We are a dependable HVAC company servicing Fort Myers and Cape Coral, Florida, and their surrounding communities. Our expert technicians are dedicated to providing you the heating and cooling services you deserve. Contact us at 239-226-0202.

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