3 Types of Heating and A/C Systems in Fort Myers

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Home heating is an essential thing to consider during the winter months, even in places where temperatures seldom dip below freezing point. Heating expenses can easily eat up almost half of the average household energy allotted budget, which enables energy efficiency vital goal for those who want to lessen home comfort payables. If you necessarily need a recent home heating system, you have several choices for achieving highly efficient, and low-cost operation that will keep your home perfectly warm and comfy for several years.

The following heating systems all have their own positives and some of them will stand out and make you more interested in one over another. This is where you’ll make your best decision.

First and foremost, for those environmentally friendly then you may want to go for a heat pump.

For homeowners in the quest for the most efficient heating system readily available, heat pumps are the best choice.

Heat pumps, rather than consume a fuel to produce energy, utilize electricity and refrigerant to transfer heat energy from the outside to the inside. This makes them one of the more efficient, environmentally friendly options out there.

In the past time, homeowners in cooler areas used to need a supplemental heating system for those really cold days when a heat pump would hardly extract heat energy. Now, with advanced compressors and refrigerants, heat pumps are designed and intended to work in cold climates at the same time.

Furnaces are very likely the most common and usual type of heating system in use at present, with industry set placing gas furnaces in about 60 percent. The aged furnaces are less efficient, but the latest models possess new technologies and features that can increase the power of efficiency to extremely high levels.

The three most common types of furnaces are gas furnaces, oil furnaces, and electricity. Gas furnaces use natural gas, a bountiful natural resource. A natural gas furnace may actually cost inexpensive to operate than an air-source heat pump, even if its heating efficiency is much lesser. This is due to natural gas has become exceedingly affordable in recent years. On the other way around, oil furnaces burn fuel oil to produce heat energy. The oil is more likely provided by a local supplier who delivers the fuel in bulk and stores it in a tank in or near your residential house. The fuel supply for oil furnaces must be monitored to make sure the oil doesn’t run out when you need it most.  In addition, electric furnaces warm your home by utilizing electricity to power heating coils that generate heat.

Boilers are a bit common in residential settings compare to heat pumps or furnaces. However, a boiler can still supply a good choice for home heating. They perform the task by producing hot water, which is then circulated through pipes and radiators within your home.

Condensing boilers are even higher-efficiency models. They preferably use a second heat exchanger to extract heat from the exhaust gases prior to the gases that are vented outdoors. By this method, they recover some of the heat energy that already has been paid for before it’s lost to the burnout and ventilation processes.

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